TEC Preconference

TEC Preconference

Putting the Tech in MarTech: Impact of GA4

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Tuesday, June 20th
1:00-5:00 p.m. 

Brought to you by: 

Technology Professionals Advisory Council: 
Gretchen Steenstra, Carlos Cardenas, Justin Scott, and Mark Lowry 

Association Women in Technology: 
Tori Miller Liu and Rebecca Achurch 

Young Professionals Advisory Committee: 
Kristen Truong and Sara El Saied

These three councils are joining together to present to you an afternoon of discussion on the impact of GA4 changes and how to balance personalization and increasing privacy laws.

With a combination of presentations, open discussions, and a modeling practice, association practitioners will discuss and work through the following: 

  • GA4 is right around the corner—how do you survive this? 
  • How should technology staff communicate what needs to change to the C-Suite? 
  • How to set your association up for success from a tactical standpoint. 
  • Building a marketing strategy around the new system. 
  • Are you coming into this last minute? How to quickly pull your data down and what to do next.

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