Tech Every Marketer Must Understand

Tech Every Marketer Must Understand:
AI, ChatGPT, GA4, Predictive + More

TEC Preconferenceadditional fee
Tuesday, June 20th
1:00 – 5:00 p.m.

With over 10,000 Martech solutions in 2023, it is easy to be both overwhelmed and distracted. This pre-conference is designed to help you sort through some of the new technologies you’re reading about and put them in the context of how they make sense for associations. The day will start with a discussion about how your systems can help you uncover the true “voice of the member” and continue with increasingly more detail (and examples!) of how you can put some of these new technologies to work for your association today. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to become a subject matter expert in your organization and help take your marketing and membership to the next level.

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Priorities and Distractions  

(30 minutes)

Many associations continue to largely take the same approach when it comes to the types of technology they implement and the way they organize their data. In this session, we’ll share a framework for organizing your technology into three big buckets (Run the Business, Member Facing, Insights Engine) that together enable organizations to get a much deeper and complete understanding of the critically important “Voice of the Member.”

We’ll also dive into some of today’s hot technologies like AI, predictive analytics, ChatGPT and GA4. We’ll define these and provide a structure to help you determine whether these should be priorities for your organization today or whether they are more likely to be distractions. The sessions throughout the remainder of the preconference will dig deeper into each of these providing more detailed use cases to help you determine the approach that makes sense for your association.  


  • Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Performance Excellence Officer – ASAE  

Data Strategy – It All Starts with your Data

Data underlies everything. No matter which new technologies you consider implementing it is critical that you have a strong foundation in place for your data. Of course, all organizations will be in different places along their data journey, but there are some core components you’ll want in place to most effectively leverage new technologies. Learn what those components are and what steps you can take to have your organization ready.


  • Dan Hickey, Strategic Consultant – Technology Management – DelCor  
  • Daniel Elacqua, Founding Partner and CIO Consultant – Strategico Consultants 


Predictive Analytics – The Art of the Possible

(45 mins)

There are some really impactful ways to leverage predictive analytics in your organization today -- identifying potential new members, meeting attendees, at-risk members and more. In this session we’ll cover some of the beginner, intermediate and advanced ways you can leverage predictive analytics, from tools you likely have in your association to more modern tools that can be used by your non-technical team members. 


  • Bill Conforti, SVP Strategy and Solutions – Association Analytics 

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Chat GPT

(45 mins)

Many people logged in to see what all of the fuss was about, then moved back to their day-to-day work. If you’re thinking that ChatGPT is the next shiny object, think again. In this session you’ll receive very specific instruction on ways your organization can use ChatGPT to dramatically improve your organizational efficiency. We’ll cover some traditional uses – writing blogs, emails, ads, eBooks – then move into some forward looking ways you can use ChatGPT to create increased member value and revenue streams for your association.


  • Conor Sibley, Chief Technology Officer – Association Analytics  



(20 mins)

When this session is held, organizations will have 11 days to migrate to GA4 before you risk losing some of your historical data. Most people will have already concluded their migration by June 20th. If you haven’t done so we can provide guidance on what to do but the thrust of this session is to cover the expanded functionality of GA4. We’ll provide direction on ways to leverage these new insights to deepen your understanding of site visitors and offer ideas on how to take action on these insights.


  • Emilio Arocho, Sr. Director, Managed Services – Association Analytics  

Fireside Chat

(50 mins)

This pre-conference will be jam-packed with content and information on some of the newest technologies available to help membership and marketers to achieve their goals more effectively. In this concluding fireside chat, we’ll ask some industry experts to break it down for you and provide their added perspectives on the day’s materials. This is a great chance to ask some of your pressing questions of the moment!


  • Mark Lowry, President and CRO, Association Analytics 


  • Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Performance Excellence Officer – ASAE 
  • Dave Coriale, President – DelCor Technology Solutions  
  • Eric O’Connor, Chief Growth Officer – American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology  
  • Rob Wenger, Chief Product Officer – Association Analytics 

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