Calling All Association Superheroes!

Calling All Association Superheroes! 

MMCC Preconferenceadditional fee
June 20, 2023
1:00 – 4:00 pm

Activate the talent of your Invisibles by tapping into your organization’s superpowers.

Join forces with the four councils—Membership, Marketing, Communications, and Technology—as they talk about the lifecycle of a project and determine when the right time is to activate the invisible superpowers within your organization. We will share a framework to reduce noise and misunderstanding while creating a cohesive experience for the overall business team. This framework will help your organization increase velocity of learning and value of cross collaboration. You will learn the importance of organizational cohesion and how this impacts the success or failure of a launch.

We will conduct three workshops that define, discuss, and demonstrate using the framework during three common modes: strategy, creating a new product and program, and nurturing an existing product or program. The workshops will focus on introducing AI tools into your organization.

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We’ll consider questions like:

  • What is your level of trust with your colleagues?
  • What if there is no dedicated staffing for the specific department you need?
  • Where does marketing, technology, or membership take the lead?
  • How do you add whitespace and thinking time to allow your brain to be creative?


  • Learn how to use the model
  • Contribute to refinements to the model
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to identify ways to use this within your organization
  • Learning how to identify strengths and blind spots within your organization from using the framework
  • Learn how to be uncomfortable to change your focus from fear to understanding

 Part 1

  • Strategy/brainstorming: When to come in, who to be there, and reasoning for it (how/what does this effect)
  • Who should be in the room and what they should be asking
  • Case Study 

Part 2

  • Operations: When you are in it (the product is done and launched) what should you do? Who is still involved? Conversations that should still be occurring; creating an atmosphere of failure
  • Seed questions in here about leadership and YP’s growth
  • Who should be in the room and what they should be asking
  • Case study

Part 3

  • Sustaining + Nurture section – how to keep this a float, successful, and when to reimagine, reinvent, reuse?
  • Who should be in the room and what they should be asking
  • Case Study


Carlos Cardenas, CAE, senior director of information technology, National Board of Certification & Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists

Ashley Hodak Sullivan, director, membership & marketing, National Association of College and University Attorneys

Elizabeth Moris, director of brand engagement, Council on Undergraduate Research

Laura Sparks, Senior Marketing and Web Manager, Entomological Society of America

Gretchen Steenstra, Director, Client Strategy, DelCor Techonology Solutions


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