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The Association That Could: A Rags to Riches Case Study

Faced with closing their association, hear how one board changed the way they governed and turned their organization around in under two years. Leave with tactics to use on your association to change and grow. It can be done, come find out how.

Julie Utano, senior director, client services, Virtual Inc.
Tom Pappas, senior consultant, Virtual Inc.


Attracting and Engaging the Next Generation of Leaders

If your association has been hit as hard by COVID-19 as the rest of the world, you are probably asking yourself “How do I ensure the long-term health of my Society?” Compounding factors of adjusting to living in a pandemic, working remotely, and a lack of interaction with our stakeholders have made it necessary for Societies to address this question in an accelerated manner. One of the quickest ways Associations can protect themselves from an uncertain future is to implement a robust program to attract and engage students and young professionals.

Born into a world of technology, these digital natives have a unique relationship with technology. As a result, conventional ideas around engagement need to be disrupted. Reviewing what Societies are currently doing to support these groups, we came up with five tips that will give you the tools to disrupt and enhance your current offerings.

Jason Cohen, MPP, senior manager, member services, ISPOR
Ben Wokas, membership engagement manager, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy


Battling Zoom Fatigue: How to Get Members to Virtual Conferences

COVID-19 shot a hole into the largest revenue driver for most associations—conferences and exhibitions. Virtual conferences, or hybrid conferences, are the new normal for the association world. However, the novelty phase is over, and most professionals are experiencing Zoom fatigue.

With virtual events offering no attractive destination and scanty networking, associations must effectively convey the true value and differentiation of their virtual conferences: the content. The pivot to virtual is accelerating digital content creation, recording, and delivery by associations. Backed by a recent survey of association leaders learn how to design a digital content program for virtual conferences that maximizes learning, engagement, and member value—and ultimately, success in the new normal.

Matt Cipriani, MLIS, associate director of knowledge management and member engagement, American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


Captions Count: How Captioned Content Increases ROI and DEI

Captioned content and events are a great way to ensure your content is available to everyone in your audience. 80% of all video on mobile devices is consumed with the volume off. Captions are commonly known to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, but they also help people with reading disabilities, auditory processing disorders, cognitive disabilities, and those from other cultures and other language backgrounds.

If your DEI statement includes "all abilities," captions need to be part of your video and event planning. One attendee or membership will cover the cost of webinars for one year or captioning for an event and likely be candidates to convert those invaluable checkbook members. Quality caption files also provide text to use for transcripts, articles, blogs, advertising, and social media. Your video content can work for you. Make the commitment to inclusion with captions.

Samantha Evans, CAE, MBA, certification manager, International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Content Marketing in a Crisis: Applying Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Hear how one healthcare association adopted an agile mindset to rapidly respond to the needs of its members working on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic. Marketing, Editorial, and Education quickly pivoted operations to develop a targeted COVID-19 educational initiative and content marketing strategy. They implemented abbreviated workflows, tapped into the expertise of their membership, and developed a branded experience in only two weeks—resulting in high-priority, high-value, member-centric work.

A strategic communications campaign highlighted a series of new digital resources which led to higher member recruitment, engagement, and satisfaction, diversified revenue streams and increased media metrics. Data demonstrated that the educational content had a positive impact on their members’ ability to manage patients with cancer amid COVID-19. You’ll gain insight into how this approach can be replicated to create impactful and measurable opportunities within your association.

Lisa Townsend, senior director of marketing and communications, ©Management Inc.


Creating Integrated Data Dashboards with Google Data Studio

Successful marketing and communication professionals need to rely on fast, efficient access to reporting data in order to inform strategy and optimization of campaigns. There are many tools and strategies including data warehouses and business intelligence solutions that cost lots of money. Google’s Data Studio tool is a great option for getting started quickly and successfully with no software licensing cost. Learn how League of Women Voters is using Data Studio to augment and improve Google Analytics reporting.

Jason Johnson, director, information technology, League of Women Voters of the United States
Joe McLaughlin, director of analytics & optimization lead,
Allegiance Group (formerly Beaconfire RED)
Kayla Vix, communications manager, League of Women Voters

Digital Governance is Critical for Your Organization's Digital Transformation

Associations are generally experts in governance. However, they may have a blind spot when it comes to governing their digital presence. A lack of digital governance causes many of the same problems that a lack of association governance causes for an organization: a lack of accountability, a lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities, and an inability to make good decisions in the face of change and uncertainty.

The general result of the disorder is a digital presence that does not serve members and customers well. Sites may not look like they come from the same organization, integration may be nonexistent, and staff may be frustrated by the lack of coordination and consistency. The good news is that digital governance can help an organization break through the fog and move forward with greater discipline and certainty.

Tom Jelen, strategic consultant, technology management, DelCor Technology Solutions

Drive Year-Round Member Engagement with the Power of Video

In 1949, Joseph Campbell published the book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. In it, Campbell reveals his discovery that the most powerfully influential myths throughout recorded history follow a similar pattern: The Hero’s Journey. Today, The Hero’s Journey powers your favorite movies and books and has become a key to modern marketing. In our rapidly changing world, this ancient story framework can guide us to effective communications and engagement.

Learn how technology can enable your organization to co-create meaningful stories with your members quickly and easily. We will address why video content is dominating people’s time and attention, as well as how that changes your strategy. And, we’ll show you how organizations have been leveraging the power of video to attract new audiences, retain their members, and drive critical non-dues revenue.

Michael Hoffman, CEO, Gather Voices

How to Communicate the Value of Branding to Your Board

At some point in an organization’s life, they will struggle with low engagement, sales, membership—low something. A common response is to assess and refine the organization’s brand. The problem is that there are a thousand ways to do so—and too many misconceptions about what a brand actually is. Those misconceptions oftentimes dilute an organization’s well-meaning brand strategy. Can a logo fix a soiled reputation? What about your colors? Is a Twitter handle crucial to an organization’s well-being? What is a brand?

We’ll dispel some of the misconceptions and common go-to approaches to brand strategy work. Learn what drives expectation and perception in audiences. We’ll discuss what defines a brand, what doesn’t, and how to make a case to your board.

Gardiner Rhoderick, creative director, Mighty Citizen

How to measure and track your website’s success in Google Analytics

A successful website achieves your organization’s goals and satisfies your visitors’ needs. Learn why assigning organization’s and visitors’ goals to your content is critical to measure the success of your website. We will look at how to implement and measure ecommerce and Google Analytics goals to measure those goals.

Jen Boland, senior data analyst, Allegiance Group (formerly Beaconfire RED)

Human-Centric Social Media Strategies Designed to Empower and Engage

In an era of global upheaval and national unrest, utilizing social media platforms to provide true connection and audience empowerment is more important than ever before. We will look at ways in which marketers can open up a dialogue with audiences to discover what really matters to them, and provide a platform for members to submit ideas and content of their own. In doing so, marketers can drive audience engagement and foster deeper relationships with members.

Using the example of the American Board of Wound Management, a non-profit certification organization for wound care providers, you will get concrete examples of how you can re-think marketing strategies for this new era, using compassion and conversation as a jumping off point.

Caoimhe Kenny, associate, Association Management Strategies, Inc.

No Excuses: Growing and Changing in Challenging Times

Ben Franklin famously said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.” Recent times have had more than their share of adversity. But what about opportunity? The environment has given some organizations an impetus to refocus on their core mission, change their delivery mechanisms, embrace new technologies, and better provide for their members’ needs in this challenging time. Other organizations have been paralyzed and watched their membership wane. Which do you want to be?

The answer lies in your organization’s strategic approach and tactical implementation of new tools. We’ll discuss how organizations can find opportunity to grow, change, and develop their organizations in this difficult environment.

Andy Freed, CEO, Virtual, Inc.

Student Engagement as a Long-Term Growth Strategy

For many associations, students are an afterthought—a membership regularly designed for over-eager near-graduates to capture low hanging fruit for your association. What would happen if you dedicated effort to recruiting, retaining, and serving this population throughout their educational journey? Learn strategies for growing your engagement of students and balancing those efforts against real world results.

Matthew Hessler, CAE, director, member engagement, Emergency Nurses Association


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