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New Perspectives
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Shake Things Up

A new perspective changes results. For marketing, membership, and communications professionals, staying ahead can mean looking at what you've always done and shaking it up. Develop new strategies with guidance from content leaders, keynotes and solution providers at the 2018 Marketing, Membership & Communications Conference (MMCC). Don't settle–shake things up and enjoy the view.

Executive Leadership Workshops

We offer three Executive Leadership Workshops where you'll have the opportunity to build your network and get a new perspective on how you can recreate your strategies.

5 Content Pathways

Reimagine how and what you learn when navigating this years learning labs. Use these pathways to guide you.

Gold Circle Awards

The Gold Circle Awards honor the essential roles MMCC functions play in association success. Find out the 2018 winners who utilized innovative and effective ideas to drive organizational success.

2017 Keynotes


Jamie Turner

Opening Keynote

Marketing in the Post Advertising Era

Jamie Turner

Traditional TV viewership is declining rapidly. Worse yet, 25% of all smartphones have ad blockers installed. Given all the changes in the marketing landscape, the question is - how can brands connect with consumers in the post advertising era? The good news is that there is a solution and brands like Red Bull, Starbucks, and Lego are using it every day. Join internationally recognized author, CEO, and network TV news commentator Jamie Turner as he shares how the world's most successful organizations are building bridges between their brands and their consumers.


Byron Scott, Charles Norris

Closing Keynote

Slam Dunk Success: Leading From Every Position in Life’s Court

Byron Scott, Charles Norris

Great leadership begins with great understanding. No one knows that better than basketball legend Byron Scott and lifelong business executive Charlie Norris who, respectively, won NBA championships and resurrected multimillion-dollar corporations by being team players no matter their position. Their book-which grew from their unlikely friendship and realization that two men from completely different backgrounds could have the same leadership ideals-breaks down their keys to motivating others, negotiating deals, and creating prosperity from scratch. Their blueprint includes lessons on listening, turning failure into learning opportunities, and delegating authority with extreme precision.

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